Investing to Accelerate a Decentralized Future.

We are a crypto-native venture firm investing in companies that accelerate the global adoption of decentralized technology.

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At Contango, we're on a mission to accelerate the global movement towards decentralized technology.

We believe decentralization is a key factor in unlocking human freedom and enabling global peace.

We strive to be a driving force for the adoption of decentralized tech by incubating, building and investing in products and services that make web3 more globally accessible. These sectors include: blockchain-based-AI, infrastructure, and DeFi.

Managing Partner

Mike Grantis

Managing Partner

Managing Partner

Josh Field

Managing Partner


Our Portfolio

We have invested in and advised 100+ AI and Web3 projects, providing financial, social and human capital.


Partner Testimonials

  • Mant Hawkins

    “Bottomline Up Front: You want Contango Digital Assets on your team as soon as possible in your journey... The entire team has always been there for us, supported our efforts, and ready to lend a helping hand on every question and initiative we have undertaken.”

    Mant Hawkins

    Mant Hawkins

    Co-Founder, Andromeda

  • Toby Gilbert

    "We are incredibly grateful for the unwavering support and partnership from Contango. From the early days, they believed in our vision and provided vital investment that fueled our growth. Contango’s hands-on approach, frequent check-ins, and genuine interest in our success have been invaluable. Contango is the ideal partner, and we’re excited to continue this journey together."

    Toby Gilbert

    Toby Gilbert

    Founder, Coinweb

  • Emery Andrews

    “Contango has been a great resource for us as we grow our team; they’re eager to help build and scale products alongside their investments. Contango’s introductions to candidates in product, engineering, and beyond have been invaluable.”

    Emery Andrews

    Emery Andrews

    CEO, Kado

  • Tom Tirman

    “I would highly recommend Contango to any entrepreneur or start-up looking for a reliable and trustworthy venture capital partner.”

    Tom Tirman

    Tom Tirman

    CEO, IQ Protocol

  • Justin

    “We’ve met with dozens of VCs if not hundreds at this point, and Contango has truly stood out in our minds... The guys there are clearly of high integrity with a passion for this incredible space and we’re extremely happy to be working with them.”



    Co-Founder, Asymmetry

  • Matt Ewart

    "I highly recommend working with Contango for any hiring requirements. They listened and delivered to our specific needs and were highly proactive in ensuring we met with the right prospects while working with our timelines and budgets."

    Matt Ewart

    Matt Ewart


Contango Blockchain X AI Fund

Seed-Stage Exposure to Blockchain x AI


Contango Blockchain X AI Fund is a $10M seed fund investing specifically at the intersection of blockchain and artificial intelligence.

"Our mission at Contango has always been to accelerate the adoption of decentralized systems, and we would argue none are more important than decentralized AI. By decentralizing control and layering in open-source development and native blockchain incentives, we believe the first global Artificial General Intelligence will be born at this blockchain x AI intersection."

- Mike Grantis, Managing Partner

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